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What is typical Norwegian Food?

Visitors coming to Oslo-Norway expect to experience good Norwegian food, traditional local food, and authentic desserts.

The main question is…What is exactly typical Norwegian food? I am an Oslo-Local Guide since 2012 and I come from a country where easy local food is everywhere. My country is Spain. I know my name is not Spanish at all but it is causing my parents are from 2 different places, I will write about this on a different blog.

However, when I moved to Oslo I was very concerned about the fact that to find real Norwegian Local Food, was not that easy. I had to ask many friends to finally come to a good restaurant that had those cozy and yummy dishes that remind me a lot like home.

I am talking about a good piece of salmon together with a cucumber salad and a dressing from a place called “Sandefjord” This is a great meal for those fish lovers and I can promise the dressing is excellent.

For those who love meat at this restaurant, I found something very unique and special. Reindeer meat together with grilled veggies and boiled potatoes dressed with a mushroom sauce. I had this dish 1 week after the salmon and I must say I think is my favorite dish.


Living in Oslo is, of course, different than living in Spain. Here most of the gastronomy that is easy to see, come from all over the world. On the main street, you find Italian restaurants, Mexican, Chinese even Irish pubs.

Before you come to Oslo, please take some time, do some research and try to find those places you would like to eat. It takes time but we are here to help and in case you want to do a walking tour, hey we have great choices to try both good local food & awesome local beer.

I will come back with more info about the top 5 local beer places ( my experience ).

Thanks again,

Lian, the funny Receptionist & Local Guide