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Situated on the Bygdøy peninsula, the Viking ship museum (Vikingskipshuset) was built at the beginning of 20th century, as a shelter for the Viking ships. Before that, the ships were stored in the building of University of Oslo.

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The museum hosts three of the Viking ships found next to the town Tønsberg in south of Norway.

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Like all ancient societies Vikings as well believed in the afterlife. Various of their myths and stories tells about brave soldiers who lost their lives in battles and left for Valhalla,  the home of God of War, Odin. The people that would die of natural death would end up in Helheim Underworld. But wherever they would go, it was important to set them up for the travel to the world beyond. The main means of that ‘’travel’’ would be a ship filled with all the good that once belonged to the deceased.

a wooden boat in a room with Viking Ship Museum in the background

All of the ships in the museum can be dated to early 9th century BC while they were excavated at the turn of 20th century.

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a wooden boat in a room

The ships are around 20 meters long and 5 meters wide, with 15 pairs of paddle holes which means 30 people would power the ships.

a room filled with furniture and a clock with Viking Ship Museum in the background

Both bow and stern would be decorated in rich carvings meant to scare the enemies.

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The museum collects and conserves various founding from the ships, and offers you a cartoon insight into the ceremonial life of Vikings, so if you’re ever in Oslo make sure to put the museum on your must do list.


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