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Travel Expo


TravelXpo is a new concept from Compass Fairs which aims to unite both travel and tourism industry in Norway together with the rest of the world under.

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The public fair took take place for the first time at the Telenor Arena just outside Oslo between 10th and 12th of January 2020.

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Being employed in this type of industry, we were very excited to see what the fair was all about, especially when there was opportunity to try different kinds of food from different regions of Norway.

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Although of moderate size, it’s a place where those who dream about travelling and enjoying new experiences in Norway and the wider world were able to find inspiration and information right on the spot.

It was a great place where exhibitors could expand their networks and meet and inform both new and existing clients.

New destinations and experiences were promoted and launched during this three day event, so it was perfect place to spend a rainy weekend in Oslo! Next TravelExpo we’re expecting on 15th of January in 2021. We will be there, how about you? 🙂

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