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The first Bite of Oslo Street Food

In the mood for Street food? Explore new street food mecca, Oslo Street Food Torggata! Once upon a time crowded with locals splashing around in one of the grandest public swimming pools in Oslo, now offering us a sea of food stalls from all corners of the world!

Open to the public in 1925, Torggata Bad was one of the first public swimming pools in Oslo. Designed by the prestigious architects, Morgenstierne and Arne Eide, the lavish, Roman-style bath became an instant hit with the locals!


One can easily feel overwhelmed by the abundance of food stalls tempting your senses with enticing aromas and appetizing dishes, as you wander through the buzzing hall. So many temptations but too little time? Well, don’t you worry, cause here’s a guide to what we’ve had the pleasure of eating so far..stay tuned for more!

Vegan paradise, Silk Road pays homage to the multicultural cuisine offered to travelers on the legendary trading route connecting the far east and the western world. Their mission is to start a vegan revolution, showing us a whole new world of vegan delights. We had the pleasure of tasting a generous portion of Haitian sweet potato curry with a creamy, coconut sauce. A taste of heaven in a bowl for the budget-friendly price of 135 kr!


Next up we were seduced by Japanese gem Gohan and devoured one of the most satisfying meals we’ve had in god knows how long! Words can’t describe how delicious their Japanese pancake, Okonomiyaki tasted. A steal at 150 kr, this succulent combo of fried chicken and eggs was love at first bite!

Last but not least, today’s final tip is family-run Indian treat: Der Peppern Gror. With a passion for Indian street food culture, they focus on elevating homemade highlights from their childhood. We tested their samosas that had a satisfyingly crunchy texture and spicy flavor.

Priced at only 85 kr – a perfect bang for your buck style lunch!

This is as far as we’ve traveled on our foodie voyage of Oslo Street food. Stay tuned as we explore what more Oslo Street food has to offer us of culinary delights in the near future!

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