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The world is full of interesting foods and Norway is no exception. Being a rather cold country when it comes to weather climate the food preparation and storage has followed certain rules. Fermentation, pickling, and drying are just a few of the most usual forms of food preservation.

Traditionally fish fermentation in Norway has been a very important preservation method, before refrigeration, canning and other modern preservation techniques became more available.

Today it’s considered to be an important part of the tradition so it doesn’t surprise that the country has a fermented fish festival.

Norsk Rakfiskfestival is held every year on the first weekend of November when around 30 000 visitors visit the small town of Fagernes in Valdres district in central, southern Norway to feast on some of the best-fermented trouts in the country.

The festival is not just the fermented fish contest, because every year the best producers are awarded, but it’s also the chance for the small farmers and food producers to represent their best products.

The annual sale at the festival counts around 3 tons of fermented trout and each of the festival evenings is followed by a rich music program which gives you plenty of reasons to visit this highly appreciated food event.

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