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Outdoor life is very important for Norwegians. It means that any outdoor activity such as hiking, skiing, hunting or just walking in the fresh air is a big part of everyday life.

Going back to the nature is considered healthy habit in this very stressful way of life and it’s a way of re-calibrating your body and mind.

a small house surrounded by water

The space is so vast here and the rich nature lays all around us, so there’s no need to drive far and wide to experience the sound of the birds and leafs in the wind. There’s many opportunities to reconnect with the nature, just outside of the city, and we have selected few of our favourite.

1) Walk along the river Akerselva

a bridge over a river in a forest

The riverwalk along Akerselva river from Maridalsvannet lake to Vaterland Park in the centre of Oslo is eight kilometres long, and takes you past forested areas, historical buildings, fishing and swimming spots and several waterfalls.

a body of water with a city in the background

2) Hike around Maridalsvannet

a tree in a forest

Oslo’s largest lake, is a beautiful area with great views overlooking the thick forest and the water. Take the tram from downtown and just follow the marks along the route

3) Songsvann lake

Recreation area with great places for picnics, swimming, fishing, walking, running and cross-country skiing.

4) Bygdøy

a rocky beach next to the ocean

Mainly a residential area, Bygdøy is a peninsula on the western side of Oslo, home to some of the most popular museums and walking and running trails as well as some beaches

5) Ekebergparken Sculpture Park

a man that is standing in the sand

Just a few minutes outside of the city center by tram lies a park that combines its long history, beautiful nature, stunning views and impressive sculptures in a unique way.

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