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a house that is parked on the side of a building



Situated on the western side of the Vigeland park, the Oslo City Museum, gives an incredible insight on history of the Norwegian capital.

a small clock tower in front of a house

Rather small, when compared to some other worldwide city museum, the Oslo city museum is very rich when it comes to the artifacts and explanations.

The initiator and curator for The Oslo City Museum founded back in 1905 was architect Fritz Holland. Soon after the moved into the main building at Frogner Manor in 1909.

a bag of luggage sitting on top of a wooden chair

Today museum is visited by both international and local visitors, as they often have many interesting temporary exhibitions and happening aimed to the spectators of all ages.

a glass vase on a table

a screen shot of a city

the inside of a building

The museum is opened from Tuesday until Sunday, from 11am – 4pm and the ticket is only 90 nok with the free admission on the first Saturday every month.

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