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Oscarsborg Fortress

A jewel in the Drøbak narrow is definitely the Oscarsborg Fortress.

Originally the fortress was created to resist any attack from the sea but only on the 9th of April 1940, the Oscarsborg festning endured its first real trial.

The fortress delayed the German attack by sinking the heavy cruiser “Blücher”; the newest battleship of Germany. This slowed the German occupation and gave the King, government, and parliament enough time to evacuate Oslo.
Model of the Blücher ship

Later, during the occupation of Norway, German forces were stationed right here at Oscarsborg.

It’s very interesting that on the day when Norway was invaded all of the armament on the island was over 40 years old. And of German origin. But both the guns and the torpedo battery worked perfectly well when Oscarsborgs’ military forces encountered and sank the heavy cruiser ‘’Blücher’’.
Although the fortress carries the name of King Oscar who came to visit in 1855, the Danish King Christian the IV stands behind the construction of the fortress in the mid-1600.
During the Cold War Oscarsborg was a last line of defense for Oslo and the underground torpedo battery remained secretly active until 1993. During this period Oscarsborg served as a military school for officer training. Beginning the new millennium the school was shot down and now the fortress serves as a civilian resort and attraction, open for visitors.
Today the Oscarsborg is a unique cultural arena for opera and concerts throughout the summer season. This year has an exciting program with an acoustic pop/rock festival, wandering theater troupes and fantastic opera experiences in the courtyard throughout August – just to mention a few.
This scenic surrounding is often used for conferences and excursions

Since there are several options on how to get to the island try to work one of those if you’re ever in a mood for discovering the Oslo surroundings.

On the weekends there’s a direct ferry from Akery brygge to the Fortress or you can take the bus from Oslo bus terminal to Drøbak and than use the small warship that goes from Drøbak to the south and north Kaholmene islands that hostess the famous Oscarsborg fortress.

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