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a piece of cake on a plate

Each of the nations has some peculiar things they eat through out of a day, but these that we have listed here would be some of the most typical for a Norwegian breakfast 🙂

The ground base of every breakfast is a whole wheat breadwith various spreads like, my everybody’s favourite, salted butter (smør).

a slice of cake on a plate

Norwegians would usually eat some kind of cured meat (salami, skinke), cheese, caviar or liver pate (kaviar, leverpostei), prawn salad (rekkesalat, skagen) on their open sandwiches (smørbrød).

a group of flyers on a table

a plate of food on a table

Cooked or scrambled eggs with smoked salmon (røkt laks) are also very common combination for breakfast.

a table topped with plates of food on a plate

a plate of food

If you’re a sweet tooth person, there’s variety of of jams (syltetøy), chocolate spreads (nugatti) and yogurt (yoghurt) for your morning meal.

a stack of flyers on a counter

But one of the most typical and usual breakfast things is brown cheese (brunost). Brown? Wait what? Brown you said?

a plate of food on a table

Lompe, lefse, polarbröd , brown cheese

Yes brown, but not actually a cheese, rather than a milk by-product, since is made of boiling the whey until the water evaporates. The heat turns the milk sugars into caramel, which gives the cheese its characteristic brown color and sweetness.

Soft Norwegian flatbread called lefse would also be a sweet option for breakfast, but also a light snack. It’s made with riced or instant potatoes, flour, butter, and milk or cream and it’s cooked on a large, flat griddle. Lefse can be eaten with sugar and cinnamon.

Lompe, on the other hand, are made by boiling potatoes mixed with wheat flour and a little salt and are some kind of crepes although they are eaten as hod dog bun.

a plate of food sitting on top of a wooden table

Norwegians tend to have orange juice (appelsinjuice) or milk (melk) with their breakfast, but the coffee (kaffe) would be number one drinking product in Scandinavia. It helps getting through the day, doesn’t it?

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