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My life as a Tour Guide…

Hi and welcome to our Blog, my name is Edgar but you can refer to me as Eddy, just like my friends in Oslo do.

I will dedicate this blog for sharing my thoughts and feelings about this extraordinary hobby and lifestyle that I am sure we all share, traveling.

My job in the company is to make sure all products are working as they should and that we provide the best alternatives in town to show you this amazing city of Oslo.

For the last 5 years, I had the opportunity to start my research inside of town going to the best places and the most outstanding alternatives to find the real Norwegian flavors.

Let’s BE HONEST !!!!! everybody once at least has had the dilemma of visiting a city and found out that it was hard to get involved with the local culture. Or, the struggle to find that amazing place where all locals go.

Well, that was me about 5 years ago. Fortunately, I had learned the language and start to get to know the correct people at the correct places.

What I try to say with this is that I had put all pieces together for you to just click a bottom ( book here ) and enjoy the ride , my collaborators and I had work very hard to provide this services for you and yes we will like to be that local friend in town waiting for you and making sure your time in Oslo is unforgettable .

Let’s Start introducing my team

Best tour guide 2017 all the way from the republic of the Cheese and Wine ( France )


Mr Jean Piere

Aka Jeanjø Norwegian version of his name .

For the last year I had the opportunity to meet this talented guy, he has being a fundamental part of our team, and together with his fantastic and unique personality, he brought that balance all international team needs.

Let me tell you something, we are very careful when we choose our team, we demand experienced and talented people. But skills and talent can not come alone without an outstanding personality.

Here I share some thoughts I share with him and see if you can identify some good reasons he can be a perfect company whenever you come and visit us in Oslo.



Jean Guide: #1# to be a tour guide is to be myself, I grow up surrounded with tourists since the age of 4, my father was the director of many hotels so I worked all kinds of jobs for tourists including of course guiding which was my favorite. So for me to be a tour guide is as simple as being myself. #2# I chose to be a tour guide because I’m good at it:), some are good in the kitchen, others are good with finance, … well, I’m good with guiding, it’s an amazing combo between teaching and learning at the same time, and meeting new people is one thing that I like a lot. #3# my impact on the clients is surprising them with much more than they expected. (a new experience).

Have you ever feel that passionate about anything?

In our team, we all share that passion to serve ! to always put that A plus in our service and with that to be the once that make a positive impact on your team.

With this little introduction, we welcome you ( Velkommen ) to our blog.

Welcome to Oslo and Welcome to by The Oslo Tour team since 2015 leaders on local gastronomy tours & experiences.