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Let´s talk about Beer “Øl”

Beer and cheese? Really?

My name is Edgar but go ahead and call me “Friendly-Eddy”… I love beer just like many of you do too. I´ve been working with beer for over the last 15 years of my life and the first thing to consider when pairing cheese and beer is the same principle that holds when pairing any food with beer—match the intensity of the beer with the intensity of the flavor of the cheese.

The flavor curve of cheese tends to be the inverse of beer—while beer oxidizes and typically mellows in intensity as it ages, the flavors in the cheese tend to become sharper, funkier, and more focused as the cheese matures. Enough of the boring stuff. Here are some examples to get your feet wet!!

  • Lighter beers, such as pale lagers or whets, pair very well with lighter fresh cheeses such as fresh mozzarellas/burrata or chèvres.

  • Strong beers such as Belgian quads, imperial stouts, and barleywines can stand up to older, more pungent cheeses.

Now let’s talk about texture. As I read from a very interesting article, the texture is an important factor when we talk about paring. How? Why? Well, a perfect example of this is the texture and notes of a cheese-like Blue cheese, one of the favorites cheeses in the world, can be perfectly matched with beers like creamy or chocolate stouts, the round flavor on the beer and the flavor notes of the cheese will perfectly balance on a unique flavor experience.



So what I try to say here is that there still, not rules to follow, well there had never been really because at the end of the day we will eat and drink as our taste direct us and why not trying something different every chance you get. The Oslo Tour offers you a perfect beer and cheese tasting right on the hearth of Oslo.

This tour has become one of the most attractive tours in the whole portfolio of tour alternatives we have.

Give this tour a chance and is never a bad idea having some beer & cheese when you are in Oslo, at the end what you want to experience and remember is a good time and awesome time at a cozy place together with friends. Thanks for reading and share your thoughts when it comes to whats the best combination for beer and cheese tasting.