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Langøyene Island

Just a 30 minutes drive with the ferry from Oslo city center to the inner part of Oslofjord, in the municipality of Nesodden in Akershus, there’s a small island perfect for summer camping and laying on the beach.

Langøyene was originally two islands, Nordre Langøy and Søndre Langøy but, when the municipality of Kristiania bought the islands in 1902 the strait between them has been filled with garbage deposits so today’s island is in one big H-formed shape.
Where the sound between the two islands used to be, it’s now a big playground field. Occasionally there are concerts and other events on the island.
Since this is the only one of the islands closest to Oslo where you can camp as long as you follow the rules like no open fire make sure to bring some refreshments with you if you’re not keen on paying the double price for pølse med brød, water, juice or coffee because island life is hard and expensive.

Take the ferry line no. B4 from City Hall Pier 4, that operates throughout the summer season. You can use a Ruter ticket for zone 1 or the Oslo pass ticket for your one day trip.

Have fun!

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