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Island hopping in the Oslo Fjord

One of the favorite summer activities in the city is island hopping between several islands in the Oslo fjord. Each of them offers a different point of view and a different scenery so why not hop onto a ferry line and spend a day out in the sea?

The ferries to the islands depart from Rådhusbrygge 4, pier number 4 in front of the city hall and most of them run from May through September. All the ferries are operated by Ruter (company that operates public transportation), so there is no need to buy an additional ticket if you already hold a Ruter ticket.


Just 5 minutes’ drive by ferry from Aker Brygge, Hovedøya is the closest island to the city center. It’s rich in fantastic beaches, a large playground field, hiking trails, and a café while in the middle of the island there are ruins of a Cistercian monastery from 1147.


Gressholmen, Heggholmen, and Rambergøya are a set of three connected islands and by far are the most rustic islands in the area. Although being connected, each of the islands is a place to explore on its own.
They are all boasting in nature reserves, a lighthouse, and the ruins of Oslo’s first airport. Definitely make sure to check out the newly renovated and re-opened Gressholmen Kro, which is one of the oldest cafés in the inner Oslofjord.
Nakholmen, Bleikøya, and Lindøya are favorite summer islands covered in colorful summer cottages. While Nakholmen has a small nature reserve on the southern parts of the island, the north-eastern tip of Bleikøya is known as a nesting area for seabirds.

Lindøya is larger than the other islands, so it has two ports. When coming to the island get off at the eastern part and take a walk through the backyards of the summer cottages to reach the western part where you can board a ferry again.

Prepare some sandwiches, blanket, bathing suit and sunscreen and embark on an adventure. There’s plenty to see and explore!
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