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Holmenkollen Ski Museum

The Ski Museum in Oslo was founded in 1923 and it’s considered to be the world’s oldest ski museum.


The private collection of the architect Hjalmar Welhaven formed the foundation of the antique and historic skis on display at the museum.

Until 1951, the collection was housed in a building in the Oslo neighborhood of Frognerseteren. In connection with the rebuilding of Holmenkollbakken in 1951, the museum collection was moved to new premises at Holmenkollbakken ski jump.

The museum contains 4,000 years of skiing history, starting with rock carvings dating from the Stone Age.

It displays skiers and skis from the Viking Age and also displays equipment used in the polar expeditions of both Fridtjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen.

The Ski Museum is opened daily, throughout the whole year from 10 am until 4 pm and during the sunny days, you can admire the beautiful view of the city from the top of the observation deck.

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