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  • Not to be missed!

The Oslo Beer Tour

Connecting you with Oslo´s vibrant craft Brewery Tour!

Quick Details

Adult 18+ years old

Discover the Oslo Brewing Scene

Our beer tour is for the beer lovers! This tour is a unique option you should not skip. All the drinks and snacks you will get to taste were carefully selected in order to give you an original experience.

The contrast of the three different neighborhoods we visit will give you an idea of how different Oslo can be within walking distance, but at the same time, it will show you that no matter where you are, the taste and passion for beer is something these places have in common.

This is truly a great way to start a night out or before heading for dinner.


  • 3-5 beer stops
  • Total of 8 crafted Norwegian beers
  • Local snacks at some beer stops
  • Cheese tasting (in one of our beer stops )
  • 1 Aquavit tasting

No extra drinks will be necessary to purchase. This is a unique and complete beer tour, run by experienced people at each place we stop by.