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Egge Gård

We welcomed autumn last week, and what a better way to do that than by a small introduction to a fruit farm some half an hour of Oslo.

Fruit, vegetables, and berries have been cultivated at Egge gård since 1702 and the Egge family has been passing the tradition and knowledge in farming apples for over three hundred years.

The family annually packs 250 tons of strawberries and over one hundred tons of apples that grow in 60 000 trees. Given that Norway does not abound in wine-growing vineyards, the Egge family is occupied in the production of non-alcoholic apple products as well as various types of high-quality alcoholic beverages.

The cold Norwegian climate actually benefits to the apple growing. Winter is cold enough so various insects and parasites die from the cold, but the plants have no problem surviving and the autumn is dry enough with plenty of sunny and hot days, which favors the cultivation of fruits and berries. The apples are high in acidity that adds more flavor to the drinks.

The most sold product is, of course, freshly pressed apple juice but the most sophisticated is definitely, the iseple, made similar to the ice wine made from grapes. The fresh-pressed apple juice is left in the long, cold night to freeze so the juice is high in sugars but still with a nice acidity which makes iseple very delicious dessert wine.


So, if you’re ever visiting Oslo pay a visit to Egge gård or try some of their delicious products.