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Akerselva River

The Akerselva river starts at the Lake Maridal (Maridalsvannet) and runs about 8 kilometres through the urban areas of the city of Oslo.

During the industrial revolution, the river gave power to numerous industry companies in Oslo but after 150 years of industrial and sewage discharges along the river, began the initiative to limit emissions and revive the flora and fauna.

Today the Akerselva is “Oslo’s green lung” and it’s said that the salmon runs and spawns in the upper part of the river. There are many parks and nature trails along the way and during the sunny days, the walk along the river is a great way for recreation.

If you take bus number 54 or the tram 12 all the way to the final station and make your way down south it will take you around two or three hours of a casual walk to the downtown area.

Make some sandwiches if you go hungry or make a short lunch break at the food hall in Mathallen.

Enjoy the walk!

Artist district along the river

Akerselva river near Blå

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